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Limited Time Offers!

Happy Wednesday

Lets get straight to it - no beating around the bush - here!

So first of all, we have a new weekly schedule within HH&W Pendants - (hand crafted jewellery)

Check out the pics :)

so WEDNESDAY is our Website Promo Day where you can grab yourself a discount


Todays promo is 25% OFF ALL Hand Crafted Items

Copy & Paste this code >> W%Disc26220 << and enter it in the coupon section before you checkout.


Second... another promo... HOORAY

Most of you know now that I'm a naturopath and nutritional medical practitioner by trade, so health is definitely up my ally. And to work from home, around my kids, creating more than my 9-5 income, is absolutely AMAZING #wahm

If you've been sitting on the fence about creating an extra income in the nutraceutical & hemp spaces NOW is the time to leap. (finally legalised in Aus & NZ)

For the next 48hours... we are waiving the business fee!

As you could imagine, its been a busy morning signing team in, especially from NZ!

#wegrowtogether #impact #hemp #natural #health #team

Are you keen to link arms with me and create an extra income

without interfering with what you're doing already?

Jump straight in and check it out...

Here is a Quick 18min Video for you to Watch - or have a browse around my website

Lets Catch Up

Send me a message or give me a call if you feel it could be a fit for you.



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