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Mumpreneurs - Truthfully Uncut

Is it all Peaches & Roses?

Absolutely not! Lets not sugar coat things...

Here's a truthful few days as a Mumpreneur....

If you had come to visit yesterday, you would've seen a chaotic household!

Yes this is REALITY!

- house looked like a cyclone had blown through it

- toys everywhere

- floor unswept

- dishes not done

- beds unmade

- the Washing pile that looked like Mount Everest.... now that's a job that will take 5 hours to fold and put away

- my kids looked like no one owned them, dirty, wet, and unbathed, but hey, at least they had an adventurous day right?! #mumoftheyear

- dinner wasn't even prepped and it had gone 6 o'clock

- and i'm stressing to get these kids to bed so I can get this live happening, and hope to be on time!

I busted my arse all day to get 100 new items ready for the Monday Night Event with HH&W Pendants.

As mums, we all know if you have a day off, or heaven forbid 2, like I did this weekend, that you are a goner for the rest of the week!

Who Can Relate?

So yes! I sacrificed the never ending house hold chores so I could "work" for the day.

How I got the kids to sleep by 8.. who knows! Usually they're up chatting and farting, laughing & giggling all night with me consistently yelling out to "go to sleep!" "get into bed" "no you can not have something to eat" "you just went to the bathroom"#mumlife #mumofboys

Feeling Flustered? Absolutely! Really, I don't even need to wear blush!

I successfully ran my live event, lots of banter, laughs and sales.

Its now 10:30pm, and my to-do list is still not mastered! NOT EVEN CLOSE!

While I want to jump on the couch, watch something pointless like MKR, I jump online and complete some back office jobs and connect again with my international team.


Finally.... this mumma is ready to hit the hay.

One quick look at tik-tok though.. #haha

So brings me to today...

Same morning rituals...

Getting kids ready for school, face, teeth, clean clothes, lunchboxes, library books, finding the lost shoe.. you know the drill... bus is here.. still throwing in drink bottles as we run out the gate.

Grab a well needed coffee, and now to complete the sales.. invoices.. messages etc.

With over 150 sales between the event and website, I know I will be under the pump for sure!


And no... the house work is still not done!

So off I go... making boxes, typing labels, taping, tracking... one after another, after another.

Phone beeping like mad with payment confirmations #thankyou #ladies

Off to the post I go!

Now its 2 o'clock..

one hour until kids are home! #wheredidthedaygo #timeflieswhenyourehavingfun

Lunch? What is that?

One hour to get this house under some sort of order!

Where to start? iTunes! Let's get this music pumping! High Vibes! Lots of Energy!


Your welcome to come visit now!


Vacuumed and Mopped

Bathroom Scrubbed

Dishes Done

Clothes folded AND put away!

Sigh of relief - Hallelujah!

Ive made it just in time for the kids to come home :)

Who was I kidding, thinking I could grab a cuppa in peace before round 2 started.

And then its the evening chores.. baths... readers... homework... dinner... bed...


Writing out my to-do's for tomorrow.

Do you write check lists? I love them! They are my saving grace (reminders).. and gee do I love ticking them off #feelingaccomplished

So yes...

Juggling home and work, whether its at home, in an office, or anywhere is hard work!

People assume you've got it easy, working from home.

Yes it does have great benefits..

Work where and when you like.. but you need to stay focussed, committed, persistent and consistent!

If you don't work.. well really... you're more than likely not going to get paid! #shockhorror

Yes.. I do get to go to my kids events, concerts, athletic carnivals and all those enjoyable moments.

But I also sit up until midnight, sometimes later, working on my business.


It's about priorities

Obviously, my kids and family come first and business second. This is a joy of being a business owner.

Some days I can give "work" a miss, other days, again, I bust my arse.

Some days I earn $0 - Some Days I make multiple 4 figures..

it's all about balance.

So yes.. This is the truth about being a Mumprenuer..

It is a rollercoaster..

You just have to appreciate the lows and be grateful for the highs.


If you ever want to chat about the online world, I won't sugar coat things.

I'll tell the truth!


Now off to prepare for the busy week ahead..

#truthbetold #norestforthewicked

Happy Days Everyone!



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