Buddha Wood has a clear wooden scent that is sweetened with overtones of gentle vanilla floral. It is an invaluable oil to diffuse when meditating, reflecting and soul searching.

A wonderful oil during times of stress and anxiety, it can also be useful to help promote a sound sleep. This oil has good antimicrobial and immune stimulating properties and would benefit an unproductive cough and a dry sore throat.  It may also be a valuable addition to an aromatic blend for the treatment of aching muscles and joints that are sore and swollen. Buddha Wood essential oil may benefit skin that is prone to blemishes and can be added to skincare products to create a serene moment for self-care rituals.



Size: 1 x 10ml / 0.3fl.oz

Buddha Wood Pure Essential Oil

    • Great for meditation
    • May help relieve stress
    • Promotes sleep
    • May reduce the appearance of blemishes


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