Cedarwood can help us reconnect to ourselves and others. The warm soothing scent can restore us from feelings of anger and promote a sound sleep. Cedarwood essential oil has antiseptic and diuretic properties, and can help soothe dry coughs and respiratory complains. Cedarwood essential oil can be used as a hair tonic to promote growth and improve the condition of the scalp.


Size 1 x 10ml / 1 x 0.30fl.oz

Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil

    • Calming and grounding
    • Antiseptic and diuretic
    • Decongestant
    • Great insect repellant
    • Skin & Hair: May improve quality of skin and restores hair.
    • Body: May assist with cough, congestion and urinary tract infection.
    • Mind & Emotions: Relaxing and strengthens the mind.


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