A natural approach to digestive health, aromatherapy can help alleviate many of the symptoms associated with digestive complaints. Including Fennel essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Ginger essential oil, German Chamomile 3% essential oil and Sweet Almond carrier oil, this collection is perfect to way to help support normal digestion. It is recommended not to ingest essential oils. The best way to use these essential oil is as part of a belly massage. 


Each oil is 10ml / 0.30fl.oz

Digestive Collection Kit

  • Fennel Essential Oil 10ml/0.30fl.oz: With an aniseed-like scent, our pure Fennel Essential Oil has many benefits for the mind, body and soul. Fennel essential oil is known to support digestive health, increase concentration and uplift mood. 

    Peppermint Essential Oil 10ml/0.30fl.oz: Peppermint helps clear the mind and promote mental and emotional clarity, relieve muscle aches and pains and can improve digestive health issues.

    Ginger Essential Oil 10ml/0.30fl.oz: With a strong, warm and pungent spicy scent, Ginger Essential Oil is the perfect natural remedy for travel sickness, digestive issues, arthritis and increase blood circulation to the hands and feet.

    German Chamomile 3% Essential Oil 10ml/0.30fl.oz: 

    With a strong herbaceous scent, Chamomile 3% (German) Essential Oil is a calming essential oil, with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory for the mind. Gentle and sedating, perfect for children and adults alike.

    Sweet Almond Carrier Oil 95ml/3.21fl.oz: The Sweet Almond Carrier Oil will allow you to use your essential oils in a new range of ways. Use Sweet Almond to apply essential oils to the body, without the risk of irritating the skin.


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