With El Marino Yang™, your skin may become firmer, radiant and return to its youthful state. This 6-in-1 solution may be able to regenerate your skin cells from within.


40 Sachets/Box

El Marino Yang 40's


    • Stem Cell Renewal - Regenerates new skin cells for cellular repair.
    • Stem cell protection - Protects stem cells by increasing the capacity for stem cell differentiation and the colony-forming efficacy for repairing damaged tissues.
    • Firming - Accelerates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin for firmer skin.
    • Whitening - Inhibits melanin synthesis to help prevent pigmentation.
    • Moisturising - Increases the skin’s ability to retain water and leaves skin dewy and radiant.
    • Elasticity - Collective™ contains the same ratio as the human skin dermis: 94% collagen & 6% elastin, effectively increasing skin elasticity for bouncier skin.


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