From the Kunzea plant also known as ‘White Cloud’, Kunzea essential oil is a beautiful gift from nature. With a slightly spicy, camphorous scent, Kunzea is a gentle cousin to the Tea Tree plant and both have similar properties.

Kunzea has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat eczema, dermatitis and general skin irritation. It has expectorant and antimicrobial properties, making it a useful for the treatment of respiratory infections as well as blocked noses and sinuses.  A gentle alternative to Tea Tree, Kunzea makes a pleasant addition to diffuser blends and is suitable for children.


Size: 1 x 10ml / 0.3fl.oz

Kunzea Pure Essential Oil

    • Can help to relieve muscle & joint pain

    • May help treat skin issues

    • Assist in the treatment of respiratory infections

    • Suitable for oily skin and spot treatment

    • Safe for kids and pregnancy


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