The clean fresh scent of lime essential oil is uplifting and energising. A disinfectant and anti-viral, lime can be used for cleaning surfaces and diffused to prevent cold and flu pathogens from spreading in the air. A decongestant to help clear the sinuses may also be useful for lymphatic congestion and water retention.


Size 1 x 10ml / 1 x 0.30fl.oz

Lime Pure Essential Oil

    • Mentally stimulating
    • Clears sinuses
    • Antiviral and disinfectant
    • Supports digestive health
    • Great for oily skin
    • Skin & Hair: May help combat excess oil production, particularly helpful for teenage skin. 
    • Body: May assist with detoxifying the system. A good digestive stimulant for appetite loss.
    • Wellbeing: Stimulating and great for refreshing a tired mind.


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