A powerful floral fragrance, Neroli (3%) Essential Oil is one of the most comforting essential oils, it is restorative and good for times of unexpected stress and shock. Its highly regenerating properties make it a great essential oil for skincare, and may help prevent scarring and promote beautiful, smooth skin.


Size 1 x 10ml / 1 x 0.30fl.oz

Neroli (3%) Essential Oil

    • Regenerates skin cells
    • May help insomnia
    • Comforting effects
    • Skin & Hair: Regenerates skin cells preventing scar tissue and promotes smoother and brighter skin. Good for pigmentation.
    • Body: Strong sedative effects, and can assist with insomnia, stress and exhaustion. 
    • Mind & Emotions: Comforting, helpful for relaxing anxiety, fear, shock and stress.


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